Luxury Hotels

Sybaritic Single gives a world view

What time IS it?

Travelling around the world in a weekend and piercing time zones rapidly back and forth means that the Sybaritic Single has ‎no time to develop proper desynchronosis, also known as jet lag. Whining about having it is similar to complaining that the world does not revolve around us. A much better travel habit is to keep record of luxury hotels that have adjusted to operating in the the age of frequent ‎air travel which is means having a 24-hour gym, 24-hour breakfast and club lounges with round-the-clock ‎Champagne service.‎

‎“When it is sunrise in China, it is already sunset in Los Angeles. I may not dictate to my ‎global guests when to enjoy evening cocktails”, says one of the top hotel General Managers in Hong Kong –  and the Sybaritic ‎Single could not agree more.‎His own recipe for always feeling fresh is a combination of a marble steam room, a cool swimming-pool and a ‎herbal infusion. This simple formula revives him after the longest flights – along with a tiny bottle of eye drops and his favourite Dior serum.

He also admires one particular brand standard of The St. Regis: the moment a bedside telephone rings to wake one up, ‎a butler is already waiting outside the door with tea or coffee, a pastry and a newspaper. On a ‎couple of occasions, this thoughtful, truly personal service saved the Sybaritic Single from falling asleep again ‎and missing a flight.‎

Today, he went even further and expects such convenience at all luxury hotels with butler service: ensure that he gets out of bed with a wake-up call which coincides with a sip of ultra-brut Champagne and some ‎raspberries. Some say a glass of bubbles every morning is the secret to a long life. To the ‎Sybaritic Single, it’s just another facet of luxury travel without jet lag.