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Sybaritic Single dreams of a luxury escape

Dream of swimming off your own Maldives island

Rebel at heart, the Sybaritic Single seeks ways to celebrate the everyday despite the madness all around. Who could imagine that the world was so fragile. Thankfully, his own place features a good library and many elements of his favourite luxury hotels, from Paris to New York to Tokyo, so he can continue enjoying life even if at a slightly slower pace.

The only safe way to travel now is by a private jet and the only havens of safety are remote villas or small luxury hotels, privatised. While the majority of the world’s population is biding time at home until the threat of the virus has passed, wealthier travellers are seeking solace by buying out castles, renting homes in remote locales or fleeing to private islands with extended family members. Many establishments, from Irish castles to luxury island resorts, adapted to the new reality and see more and more takeovers by those who seek a glamorous exile. Traditional hotel services are kept to the bare minimum as most guests travel with their own entourage. Other requests are mostly digital, where amenities and orders are delivered without human interaction.
The Sybaritic Single applauds Relais & Chateaux, which made several of their properties ready for privatisation at EUR 35,000 a night, including dining, wellness and piano evenings. The 850-year-old Lismore Castle is truly a secret fairy tale hideaway in Waterford, above, perfect for a smaller party. If the Sybaritic Single had to seek a perfect place for self-isolation, he would establish himself either at Domaine Les Crayères in Reims, with more than 600 Champagne labels in its oenothèque, or at a luxury resort in the Maldives – ideally, with a 24-hour fitness studio. Another option could be The Ritz-Carlton superyacht, but it has been delayed, again – by another 14 months.