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Sybaritic Single continues inside thoughts on luxury hotels

Breakfast at St Regis, Houston

Breakfast at St Regis Houston

The Sybaritic Single enjoys staying at luxury hotels with a sense of discretion. For him, a great hotel is the one which knows his requirements ahead of arrival, arranges his room according to his preferences from the previous stay, yet makes it happen in a discreet way.

The St Regis Houston is a great example of boutique luxury which whispers. Last month it was the Sybaritic Single’s first stay there, yet his suite was arranged just the way he liked, and the a la carte breakfast consisted only of his favourites, including an essential morning glass of champagne. There was even a power transformer in the bathroom for his hairdryer, thoughtfully placed in advance. Every member of the hotel team greeted the Sybaritic Single like an old friend, always by name – but none of them made any fuss about it or stressed the fact that they managed to gather so much information about him ahead of his arrival. The right balance of discretion is essential.

Last weekend, the Sybaritic Single stayed at Park Hyatt Saigon. Impressed by the smooth arrival and efficient in-room check-in, he enjoyed the same level of discretion and thoughtful personal amenities as in Houston. He had a couple of extraordinary requests during his two days there, yet the hotel team never looked puzzled and actually delivered without delay in the most creative ways, without seeking endless approvals from their seniors.

When in Asia, the Sybaritic Single always orders a Singapore Sling – the only cocktail he enjoys. His Saigon nightcap (see image at top) included a bit too many glasses of the nostalgic drink and he was finally struggling his way through the grand lobby towards the elevators. “Sleep well, Mr. Single!”, exclaimed the three page boys in chorus as he was passing by. The Sybaritic Single was recognized – but did he really want that fanfare recognition? That moment, he wished that luxury hotels would also decode appropriate holistic times when to use a guest name.