Sybaritic Single continues his luxury hotel musings

The world's best-travelled flute

The world’s best-travelled flute

The Sybaritic Single travels long distances in search for unique memories, which sometimes will only last moments. Sunrise at Copacabana, breakfast in Paris, afternoon tea in Seoul, opera in Moscow. Recently, he flew all the way to the Southern hemisphere, to Jakarta, for high tea and Oriental culture.

Nine hours to Jakarta, 24 hours in the city, nine hours back. This was another audacious weekend jet-set where the Sybaritic Single attempted to combine two overnight flights, sparkling with champagne in a red crystal flute, and a day at the destination filled with cultural activities.

Sadly, the Indonesian capital proved to be rather underwhelming when it came to museums, art galleries or theatre, though predictably full of unpredictable traffic jams, tight security, and lack of decent city infrastructure. Two attempts to explore the city proved to be a shameful failure. All the traveller enjoyed was abundant vegetation of the capital. For many, Jakarta is a gateway to Indonesian islands rather than an ultimate destination, and that inevitably reflects on the city.

Thankfully, the Sybaritic Single chose the most elegant hotel for his weekend residence. The luxurious modern tower came complete with a strong collection of contemporary local art, a proper culinary immersion into Indonesian cuisine, thoughtful service and impeccable facilities – though, it still was waiting to unveil an in-house spa.

This proved to be a unique and rare occasion when he did not actually need to leave the hotel to immerse in the spirit of the place. The finest memories were served in the panoramic suite, and by the pool, and in the luminous and colourful lobby lounge, which drew inspiration from the celebrated Indonesian artist Hendra Gunawan. A unique occasion where the hotel has actually become an all-inclusive microcosmos of the destination Рand this is another facet of modern luxury.