Luxury Hotels

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These would have made an ideal gift

The Sybaritic Single does not recommend himself as a guest. He is always busy, always on the go – and he expects luxury hotels to match his lifestyle. There is nothing more disappointing at a hotel than inefficiency which challenges convenience and commercial sense.

Recently in Dubai, the Sybaritic Single was spending an evening at a designer hotel when he suddenly met an old friend celebrating a special occasion. Remembering that the establishment offered exceptional floral arrangements – small enough to carry and very tasteful – as well as immaculately packaged chocolates, the Sybaritic Single excused himself and walked to the foyer. He approached one of the ‘lifestyle managers’, who asked him to contact reception, who in their turn directed him to concierge. Apparently, the mythical person in charge of the hotel’s retail had already gone to bed and the only solution was to wait until next morning.
That evening, the Sybaritic Single was left empty-handed as both the flowers and the chocolates, similar to objets d’art, remained in their glass vitrines. Of course, that helped him save a few hundred dollars, but what about the modern luxury hotel convenience?