Luxury Hotels


The Sybaritic Single plans his biannual shopping trip to Paris with, as he puts it, ‘the precision of Napoleon planning his Moscow campaign’.
Ever since the disastrous year when he arrived at the dog-end of Paris Fashion Week to find the boutiques stripped bare of new merchandise by an army of invading fashion editors and entitled social media influencers, he has paid extra special attention to timing. The optimum day, the Sybaritic Single opines, is the Thursday before Fashion Week, when the shops are full of rich pickings.
He takes charge of the travel arrangements and as the overnight flight AF655 flies over Bulgaria, recaps on his shopping list, which, for this season, includes quite a few pieces.
A 45-minute limo ride gets him straight to Avenue Montaigne, where he stops briefly by the Plaza Athénée to invigorate himself with breakfast champagne and a red striped croissant, while John Lobb is taking care of the shoeshine. The Sybaritic Single then leads the assault on the shops, popping into Dior first.
Just as Napoleon failed to take into account the Russian winter, the Sybaritic Single has not planned for the advance army of new fashionistas that descends on Paris a week or so before the fashion shows. “We had a special shopping evening for VIPs and influencers last week,” says the assistant, before going on to explain that the looks that the Sybaritic Single wants, proved very popular.
The Sybaritic Single wonders around the massive House of Dior, which today resembles the most fabulous department store selling anything from homeware to high jewellery. He glares at the signature Oblique print (“too commercial”) as he picks a couple of Cannage bath mats nearby. He then walks across to the store to get some more of his favourite anti-ageing serum. Although it’s aimed at women in need of a face-lift, the Sybaritic Single believes in prevention.
Clutching only a tiny bag containing some skincare and chocolates from the Dior pâtisserie two hours later, the Sybaritic Single makes a mental note to bring the trip forward by a week next time – with more collections presented each year, the luxury shopping calendar definitely needs to be adjusted.