Luxury Hotels


Private jets have always seemed the epitome of luxury in travel to the Sybaritic Single. While the rich own their own aircraft, the not-so-rich employ charter brokers or buy hourly memberships to get onboard. The market has been booming since the start of the health crisis and even now, those who discovered the sublime world of flying private, aren’t particularly willing to downgrade back to first class.
Flying commercial is harder than it’s ever been in a 100 years when you count the sheer number of things to triple-check: protocols in departure cities, protocols in layover cities, protocols in arrival cities, information gaps between airline websites and what you learn you should have done after you’re already at the airport, generalized pandemic fear, unruly passengers, exhausted flight attendants, the abject nightmare of a surprise dry flight. It’s madness in the skies – unless it’s a decent private jet.
Casino resorts in Las Vegas and in the Far East have been flying their best clients incognito on “ghost flights” to ensure utmost privacy and sufficient hold space for bags full of cash. A few hotel chains tapped into the lucrative market trying to allure the most affluent guests – think Four Seasons Private Jets and Aman Jet Expeditions.
This week, Dubai’s FIVE Holdings, operator of the infamous FIVE Hotels and Resorts, acquired an Airbus A220 to host epic parties at 35,000 ft. The 16-seat aircraft will serve as an opulent ‘private dining room in the sky’ with a master suite with king-sized bed and shower, electro-chromatic window shades and full LED lighting, streaming Wi-Fi and the ability to fly 12 hours non-stop. The Sybaritic Single does not even want to imagine the potential scale of the in-flight debauchery.
Just as fashion – say Burberry, as in the image above – has, it certainly seems like hoteliers have finally realised that their top guests switched to private jets. It must be the reason why another marvelously luxurious hotel brand goes further and is quietly working to open branded FBOs (private jet terminals) in each and every location where they got a property – for the added convenience of their patrons arriving by private jets. The Sybaritic Single is thrilled to see the ultra-luxurious roll-out.