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Sybaritic Single looks back – and forward, to supersonic

In December 1975, the Sybaritic Single’s grandmother boarded the first commercial supersonic flight aboard Tu-144 flying between Moscow and Almaty. Almost two decades later, the Sybaritic Single crossed the Atlantic onboard the Concorde on his way to America. After the retirement of the last Concorde in 2003, its legacy continued to live in the name of the British Airways’ most exclusive first class lounges in London, New York and Dubai.
The dream of flying at speeds faster than sound will once again come true with the launch of Aerion AS2, the world’s first supersonic private jet. Designed to travel at 1,000 MPH – twice as fast as modern private jets – it will cruise without sonic boom and use 100% synthetic fuel making it the most environmentally responsible aircraft in history when it enters service in 2027. Last week, NetJets ordered 20 of Aerion’s $120 million supersonic jets.
To make things perfect, Aerion signed a strategic partnership with Dubai-based Jetex, which many say with confidence is the leader in private aviation luxury (Jetex operates 36 private jet terminals around the globe, to design a unique ground passenger experience, inspired by the glamour of supersonic travel). Reminiscent of luxury hotel lobbies rather than airports, Jetex terminals are already the epitome of a seamless travel experience.
Sybaritic Single, by the way, adores Jetex’s signature caviar service which pairs elegantly with Dom Pérignon 2012 and gold-dusted raspberries. This is when he wishes to spend more time waiting for his flight – the 15 minutes required by Jetex are never enough. Will the experience become more elevated – if at all possible? – once it evolves into a supersonic service terminal? Only time will tell.