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Prepare yourself for a once-off ride, a roller-coaster that looked unbelievable. The ride started when Girlahead spoke virtually with Caroline King, Regional Director, Bespoke Hotels. The Aussie blonde sported futuristic eyewear. What are they? Mykita, craft-made, in Berlin.  Please send a photo of the branding on the eyeglasss arms.

The photo arrived with a message that Mykita had no more of this limited-edition model in the UK. Try USA. Within minutes Miami-based Edie Rodriguez, the one-person travel phenomenon who makes the FBI look snail-slow, had found and talked to Mykita New York boss. New York told Miami sorry, none left in Biden-land but he would find out from Berlin if there were any similar models.

Berlin told New York there was a similar limited-edition model and one was available in Barcelona. New York told Miami. Miami told Girlahead who wanted to know the price. The query went back to Miami to New York to Berlin, the reply in reverse. OK go ahead (another multi-destination response).

Ah, Berlin found the last pair, in Barcelona. Please courier them to Berlin head office. But now how to pay internationally and how to get them from EU to UK, now – pro-Boris’ Brexit – a pariah when it comes to international shipping?

Enter two amazingly helpful and throw-my-arms around concierges. Joachim Lenk at HOTEL ADLON KEMPINSKI BERLIN retrieved said eyewear and packed it all up in a pass-the-parcel sized package. He arranged payment via his dedicated Saferpay.

As it happened Girlahead would be in Vienna in four days. The Adlon sent the package to Uwe Kotzendorfer, Concierge at HOTEL SACHER WIEN and, despite a bank holiday inserting another challenge, the package was waiting in the Sacher’s Suite 717.

But the finale still awaited. Could Girlahead’s long-time eye partners in a country town in the English countryside get prescription lenses to replace the no-prescription sun lenses that the precious Mykita came with? Five days later an affirmative answer came and after 48 hours the story was over. Wow wow wow, THANKS EVERYONE