Luxury Hotels


It is extremely important to shape and sculpture a luxury establishment so that its people know you precisely, intimately well, be it a couture house or a luxury hotel.
The Sybaritic Single remembers the day many years ago when he wrote a lengthy complaint to the highest boss on Avenue Montaigne: Monsieur Sidney Toledano was an example of luxury ancien régime, admired and rare. Promptly, everything was fixed and the Sybaritic Single was fast-tracked to the front row of the fashion shows as well as offered exemplary and most courteous service – globally – from Seoul to Miami. As a result, he wears nothing else but Dior head to toe until this day, 365 days a year.
He also remembers the day when he landed at One&Only Royal Mirage in Dubai and asked for a Singapore Sling, his ever favourite cocktail. Nobody knew the drink so he had to explain the recipe that he had personally received from Diana Ee-Tan, then President of Raffles Hotels International, and teach the team the proper way of making it.
A decade later, everyone at the hotel not only remembers the recipe by heart but also puts the Sybaritic Single’s favourite concoction at the very top of the list. Once forgotten, today Singapore Sling is a star of the menu served in a proper hurricane glass. If only they also got the garnish right: a pineapple wedge married to a maraschino cherry – it might take another decade but the Sybaritic Single trusts they shall get it right.
There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to true luxury – and neither there should ever be.