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Simply Sunday – try anything once

Kayak partners-for-life

Kayak partners-for-life

When cruising on any luxury hotel-at-sea, say Seven Seas Mariner, it is awfully easy to get into a stupor of eating, drinking, sleeping and, for some, soaking up the sun until the skin turns to deep walnut, with resulting wrinkles.

But when you try something different, you are happy with yourself, and with your achievement. In the last few days, for instance, the gal did her first-ever kayaking trip, without capsizing.

Afterwards I went far too pink – memo to self, next time sunblock – but there were no muscle pains, and when I met up with my kayak partner, Alex from Sydney, we agreed we had a bond for life.

That is one New Year resolution kept up, so far.  Try anything once.