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Simply Sunday – sometimes avoiding sponsorship helps a luxury hotel

Chalet still-life, February 2019

Claudio Ceccherelli, seen above in his winter chalet, is a creative genius with a business brain. As GM of one of Europe’s top luxury hotels, Park Hyatt-Vendôme Paris, every year he themes the 1891-vintage building’s inner courtyard.  Summer may become a boating-like terrace, without the water.  Winter is an alpine chalet, minus snow or ski slopes.  But whereas others might work with a main sponsor, Ceccherelli prefers to go it alone

In the past, one of the dozens of Big Designer Brands that are headquartered within 15 minutes’ walk of the 188-room property always sponsored the alpine chalet.  This year, the traditional chalet had no sponsor.  As a result, Ceccherelli was able to sell the event space, which easily seats 16 around its one big table, to all those local brands.  The chalet was up November 2018 through this February and only seven nights, in all that time, were not sold.

It is much better, says the canny boss of this luxury hotel.  Apart from the financial return, many many more people were introduced to the chalet, and thus Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme. Since, to get to the chalet, you had to walk through the lobby and past its most attractive lounges, there was plenty of exposure for those areas, and, by association, for the bedrooms.  Very soon, the current tweaking of all rooms, by original designer Ed Tuttle, will be finished – just in time for the courtyard’s next, summer-long, pop-up.