Luxury Hotels

Simply Sunday, simply stylish

Simplicity and style are natural bedfellows. That’s the main message at CARLTON TOWER, Jumeirah’s main London hotel. The multi – like MULTI – million makeover has come up with hundreds of story-telling touchpoints.  Thank you Jumeirah CEO José Silva and your GM here, Aaron Kaupp. Here are some of the myriad of memories: ICE CUBES in your welcome cocktail at Al-Mare might have your initials on them! Al-Mare’s home-made olive oil bread is so addictive you may wish you had not ordered any ‘proper dishes’ (even the home-made pasta with pecorino and truffles); your dressing table has the Dyson hairdryer fitted into its own little bed, slots inside the table-top; as well as ten times the number of USBs and sockets (European, UK and US) that even Girlahead might need, there’s a bedside STAND TO HANG YOUR ROLEXES ON – and talking of bedside, see, image above, the bedroom slippers in all suites.  THESE ARE MARILYN MONROE EXOTICA rather than the industry-norm, flat soles with some kind of cheap upper. And luxury goes beyond 100%: slippers have their own LEATHER SHOE BOXES, stored under the bedside table.  Box is colour-match to slippers, which are SAME COLOUR AS HANGING ROBES (two sizes, clearly labelled, and specially designed by RKF, whose partnerships range from Velaa to Raffles, Accor to Versace).

Slippers must be comfy, which is one of many reasons that fashionistas and influencers are SAYING NO TO STILETTOS and SAYING YES TO YEEZIES. Wow, Girlahead started wearing sneakers and nothing back a good three years ago and they are taking over her life. Others feel the same. THINK OF STOCKX, the stock exchange of today’s street culture. It formed as such in 2016, with founding CEO Josh Luber, founding Greg Schwartz and FINANCIAL BACKING FROM DAN GILBERT, multi-billionaire owner of several basketball and other sports teams. Now Gilbert is 60. which shows street culture is for all ages. Other names in the StockX ensemble range from Eminem to Michael Dupouy, whose book All Gone is called the encyclopedia of street culture.  Yes, come to StockX for gear generally. One of its brands is Off-White, which is LVMH: when it comes to trading bags, belts and so on, StockX works with Dior and Louis Vuitton. Luxury today is blending big-name brands with niche, say Colette, started by Sarah Andelman.

And, talking of, or about LVMH, hear Christian Boyens here: