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Simply Sunday, please, more attention to signage

ES forecast for Budapest

Airports have not got it right – how often are you in a brand new terminal and the only easy-understand signage is related to duty free? The Peninsula is a group that takes signage seriously, says the gal. The Peninsula Shanghai is a complicated Greek-key-design layout but the signage is so good that you never get lost, and yet, at the same time, you have a feeling you are being treated as an adult rather than a two-year old.

Luxury hotels should have a mandate that to achieve that status they need to consider signage a priority. This means how to find your way around a hotel. It also encompasses knowing what is what on a buffet.  I wrote last week about the swipe-signs in the lobby at Taj Mahal Palace and Hotel in Mumbai.  Now it is time to praise Kempinski Hotel Corvinus and, particularly, its superb ES Biztro, an all-day restaurant that is a partnership with the Zsidai family, who opened their first eating place, Pierrot, in Buda, back in 1982. ES, which means ‘yes’, fortunately has lots of slate-covered columns and wall panels which allow verbal creativity from the team. And when it comes to explaining buffet items, well, the team just makes descriptions fun, as above.