Luxury Hotels

Simply Sunday – passion is what makes a luxury hotel experience

Fireplace table setting

Look in the eyes… the gal took a photo of Thane Kuhlman, GM of InterContinental Hotel Bangkok, and Sebastian Reischer, Austrian chef of Fireplace Grill & Bar, a restaurant shared by the 381-room hotel and its 379-room conjoined Holiday Inn. Reischer personally thinks of every detail of a dining experience.  You are offered individual loaves of home-made ciabatta or wholewheat bread, cooked in flower pots, butter is unadulterated French or hotel-blended spicy-tomato. A meal’s end includes universal one-bite chocolate lollipops as well as Austrian bonbons.

Passion makes hospitality work. Robots are all very well but could Alexa or anything Elon Musk produces have the same effect?  These two hotels run at over 91% occupancy, year-round.  It is not only their location (brilliant) or the integral and nearby shopping (ibid). It is primarily the welcome, from the recently-added beautifully-clad Thai door-ladies through to authentic service from 842 people. This is the luxury of any hotel experience, anywhere, resort or, like this, city-centre hotel.