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Simply Sunday – one of the best-ever airline dishes

A simple - simply gorgeous - starter

A simple – simply gorgeous – starter

This is it, dear readers: salmon and crab boudin sausage, two bits of poached lobster with lemon slices, pickled Thai shallots and purée of salsify.  Yes, it looks great in the photo and it tasted magnificent. Where was it?  No, not in a Michelin-starred restaurant, not in any of the world’s best luxury hotels when it comes to gastronomy, but 33,000 feet up in the air.  I chose this on British Airways‘ flight London Heathrow to Hong Kong, and thanks to the chef in the airline’s commercial catering kitchen, Mark Tazzioli, and the flight attendants who put it all together so beautifully in the A380‘s galley, the result was superlative, says the gal.

Some airlines’ butlers are getting a lot of attention – Etihad‘s are trained by The Savoy – a Fairmont Hotel. I do wish we had even more positive attention of the food.  There really are some noteworthy airline dishes.   Please let me know personally if you come across anything that is really outstanding – and it does not have to be haute cuisine.  Just as I had one of my best-ever scrambled eggs the other day (admittedly with truffles, at The Lanesborough London, one of Oetker‘s premier luxury hotels) so on this flight I also had simple, plain scrambled eggs, not overcooked. Get it right, and, without wanting to paraphrase Yogi Berra, the memory is, well, memorable.