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Simply Sunday – making luxury travel even easier

Welcome to Cusco, over 11,000 feet above sea level

Welcome to Cusco, over 11,000 feet above sea level

Again and again people ask the gal how to travel well – and yes, believe it or not, there are still a lot of travellers out there who are still novices, who arrive at airports without their carry-on toiletries in a clear bag, or, if they are using a bag, it is their usual washbag.

The first essentials for making the most of luxury travel are planning, fitness and health, and money.  Planning. If you use a travel advisor (what some still call a travel agent) make use you have absolute confidence in that person – it is good if they are part of Virtuoso. If you are doing everything yourself, check again and again that every stage of a trip is covered, and your flights are on the right day and the right date. Check your hotel confirmations minutely.

Luxury travel does not go well with being unfit.  Sometimes you cannot help aches, pains and ailments but if you are slightly overweight and/or you have not worked out recently, get yourself in shape before a trip starts. I always work out as close to the start of a flight, and as soon after it, as I can (I have run round Frankfurt and Trømso airport terminals before dawn, and at airports I always use stairs instead of escalators or elevators, and at Heathrow terminal five I use the minus-four level walkway instead of the train).

Of course you need money, or rather credit cards – plural, as one country might not take American Express, for instance. Always carry some dollars, wherever you are.  Tip well on arriving at a hotel rather than when you leave.

One last thing.  Be prepared. I am writing this in Cusco, over 11,000 feet above sea level.  I forgot what altitude does to make-up tubes.  Any lotion and potion in a pot or jar is all right but anything in a tube oozes out, in its entirety, at this altitude.  And yes, dear reader, there is a solution – put your make-up tubes in the minibar overnight.  Now, back to GirlAhead and her luxury hotels, usual format.