Luxury Hotels

Simply Sunday – luxury is full of memorable moments (hotels, take note)

Welcome to Kimpton Allegro, Chicago

The gal will never forget the stunning, larger-than-lifesize portrait in the main lobby of Kimpton Allego in Chicago.  The jewellery the subject ‘wears’ is real, stuck on.  Brilliant for selfies, brilliant for memories.

Another such memory is offered at The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco (above).  Cleverly, the hotel, owned by Carey Watermark, has allowed a cubby-hole of a room right off the main lobby to be turned into an evening-only tasting room for Jean-Claude Boisset wines.  The JCB boudoir, for that is what it is, is a kaleidoscope of colours, the screens’ images are constantly evolving and there is a lot to look at. There are also wines to taste, though sadly the gal could not participate as other commitments awaited. But the memory will remain, and so will the name of the wine collection, and the hotel will stand out for this, and for so many other differentiations.  Luxury hotels, as The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco, knows, cannot rely on format, they must constantly look for exclusives.