Luxury Hotels

Simply Sunday – luxury hoteliers can be so versatile

A Ben Sington original

There is nothing like multi-talent – scroll down to see how the Executive Chef on Seven Seas Navigator, Ronald Marczak, is a professional-level pianist.  Luxury hoteliers can also be Leonardos in their versatility, says the gal.

After school at Charterhouse in his native England, Ben Sington thought about becoming a banker. He got diverted, and he is GM of the 387-room The Langham, Melbourne, about to undertake a multi-million-dollar renovation to make it decidedly one of Australia’s top luxury hotels.  Ben Sington’s hobbies include painting – see his acrylic image of Mornington Peninsula beach huts, on the left.  In Amsterdam, The Conservatorium GM Roy Tomassen uses simple highlighter pens to draw and color unique welcome cards for arrivals and departures at the 129-room luxury hotel (see above).  I, for one, love such personalisation, and I suspect that many top-end world travellers do too – such little points separate real travel from mere tourism.