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Simply Sunday – make it happen

As global pundit Tyler Brûlé says in the current issue of Monocle’s The Entrepreneurs, pull together that brilliant idea and make it happen. Munich has two related examples of making something happen.

First, its English Garden is a model of respectability, 370ha of landscaped grounds laid out in 1789 in Capability Brown style by Sir Benjamin Thompson. Within all this decorum, however, is the Eisbach (ice brook), see above. Eisbach is a 2km stretch of man-made river, a side arm of the city’s Isar River. It already had a rare and unstable phenomenon that sometimes only appeared after several months, namely a ‘standing wave’, 90cm-1.1m high and about 12m wide.  But keen surfers wanted a permanent ride opportunity and after five years’ assessment of the characteristics of the flow, they made permanence happen. Since  2000, the wave can be moved and shaped into a near-optimal form.

Eisbach is is free, and it is open day and night (this must surely be the reason John, a Costa Rican who does breakfast service at 25hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian, lives in Munich). It does seem that he and his Eisbach colleagues are a bit mad-cap. One surfer plunges in from one bank, attempts to balance the waves and as he falls in the next daredevil plunges in from the other bank. Back and forth. These are not irresponsible teenagers, by way. As Girlahead watched this very morning, at 8.30a.m., about 75% of these exhibitionists, all wetsuit clad, were grey-haired matures. Yes, make life happen. See today’s video, below.