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Simply Sunday – let’s be up to date

Wear a hat, to get ahead

Wear a hat, to get ahead

Why can’t a gal be more like a man? Actually unisex clothing is the best, for travelling, says Girlahead. Travel any good airline’s First Class and they hand out lovely two-piece sleepsuits, in assorted sizes but definitely not one for hims and one for hers – one man I know, actually, has been wearing the bottom half of his Emirates’ camel-coloured sleepsuit for some five years, on and off, as vacation sportswear.

I find that British Airwaysnavy sleep suits are ideal for going on safaris – I should have taken a set to Cusco, when it was so cold there up in the Andes (or, this last week, to Seoul).

Talking of Seoul, how many of those who have never been to the vibrant city realise that it is one of the fashion capitals of the world?  It is not only on catwalks at Seoul Fashion Week, which is coming up, March 21-26, 2016, but anywhere in the street.

Seoul youngsters and hipsters are up to the minute. The guys do not want to look like their grandfathers and the girls do odd things, with flare. And yes, they borrow guys’ clothing, especially hats. Look around the luxury hotels here, in Korea’s capital (not quite sure that that style icon, Sybaritic Single would agree when it comes to fashion in the NORTH Korean capital, of course).