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Luxury travel tip, keep a few memories (if they are sunny)

Philippe Requin on Mykonos

Philippe Requin at Mykonos Grace Hotel

Simply Sunday. There are some travellers who take nonstop photos and store them as if they are the London Library. There are others who have photo evenings to share and swop experiences with friends – on the E&O Orient-Express from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur I meet just such a group, all rail buffs who had started in London, trained across Europe to Moscow and on to Beijing, but then flown to Bangkok…  The problem with taking photos is that you cannot also absorb with your eyes and memory.

Just sometimes, however, it IS nice to have a photo to remember an experience.  I was on Mykonos, being shown round by Philippe Requin, the boss of Grace Hotels. Looking at that theatrical setting when I am, as now, in a cold climate with seemingly nonstop rain is a tonic.  Yes, even a diet of nonstop luxury hotels needs a boost from time to time.