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Luxury travel tip – keep it simple

Simplicity personified

Simplicity personified

Simply Sunday.  In this increasingly complex world, stress rears its ugly head more often than ever.  Simplicity is the answer.

Take fashion.  Frankly nearly everything on the catwalks at the moment is simply (every day, not only on Sundays) trash.  Excepts are designs by Victoria Beckham and Jil Sander.  Look at the windows of Primark and Zara, the two brands that are leapfrogging when it comes to retail sales, and the mannequins might be wearing just black and white, or plain colour.

Take food and wine. What stands out today is chefs who can produce the perfect hamburger, as at Garces Trading Company in Philadelphia or P.J. Clarke’s in Washington DC.  When it comes to drinks, praise be to the sommelier who serves Screaming Eagle in a Riedel glass.

And so on… the best luxury hotels understand simplicity, like the beautiful look of penthouse rooms at Mandarin Oriental Geneva, or any room at Trump Hotel Toronto, or The Wellesley, London.

Frankly one of the ten best things the gal has seen on her travels in 2013, so far, is this simple tulip (in her kitchen, back home).