Luxury Hotels

Simply Sunday – if airlines can get it right, surely luxury hotels can, too?

British Airways main course

With the importance of sleep – one of the three pillars of wellness, the gal was told at Canyon Ranch in Tucson a few weeks ago – luxury hotels should promote the brands of mattresses and bed linens they use.  Yes, we used to get thread counts but how many travellers both to count whether there are 400 threads, taking the count of both warp and weft, vertical and horizontal, threads per square inch?  Six Senses does promote its Naturalmat mattresses and one or two companies do say they use DUX mattresses, but nobody promotes, say, Sealy.

Personally I am longing for London-based The White Company to get into the hotel world (I use their sheets at home).  British Airways partners with The White Company on its Club World business-class bedding and wow, their duvets are totally sensual, and their eye masks do, I swear, promote sleep. I always feel more cheerful when I see the bedding onboard. And I sometimes feel more cheerful, too, when I see the airline’s food, which can be just what is wanted.  On a nearly-11-hour flight the other day, see these two British Airways First Class dishes, a side salad with roasted garlic mayonnaise, above, and, to the left, one of the main course choices, roast cod with mushrooms, new potatoes, samphire and a smattering of seaweed butter.

Right, that takes care of two of our wellness pillars, namely sleep and nutrition.  Now we only need to add exercise, the third of the Canyon Ranch pillars – I hope that luxury Arizona wellness resort realises that its aficionados do follow its guidelines!