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Simply Sunday – doing good, at luxury hotels

Finishing a bench

Maria was the latest hurricane to have Turks & Caicos in its path, but, as Travel+Leisure reported October 3rd, 2017, luxury hotels were quickly back in business. In fact, says the gal the islands had suffered more damage from Hurricane Irma, with some additional setbacks in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Maria. But of course luxury hotels saw business cancelled.

Good for Matthew Upchurch, Chairman/CEO of Virtuoso, who went ahead with his family trip to Grace Bay Club. While they were there the Upchurch kids helped hotel staff repair a local school – see the photos, above and to the left, of this volunteering effort (Clay Upchurch, in the photo above, later told his father that when he grew up this would be his favourite teenage photo).

Volunteering, helping others, is a growing satisfaction for luxury travellers. Nikheel Advani, MD of the Grace Bay company, plans, quite regularly, bespoke opportunities for guests wanting to help others.  This is a luxury resort that is looking ahead.