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Simply Sunday – get outside your luxury hotel and see the area

Dozens of unique antique cars offer tourist circuits round Prague Old Town

Dozens of unique antique cars offer tourist circuits round Prague Old Town

There was the gal, having a whale of a time in Prague and it was terribly tempting to stay in the luxury hotel and not venture outside – especially since it was cold, and raining on and off.

But look what I discovered.  Walking the Old Town I was constantly interrupted by ghastly streams of tourists on Segways, which should be banned (I have never trusted machines that require balance and do not use up calories and only propel you along at the pace of normal walking, and since the owner of the company fell off a machine and tragically is now presumably trying to sell Segways up in heaven I have trusted them even less). I was also, and delightfully, forced to side-step by a continual succession of glorious historic cars doing tourist circuits.  Now that I approve of, whole-heartedly.

And then I walked back over Charles Bridge, celebrating its 700th anniversary this very year.  It was, as always, packed full of people, and since they all had winter coats on and many had umbrellas it seemed even more crowded.  In among the obvious-humans however there were at least 50 wolves, or rather homo sapiens dressed in wolves’ clothing, and no-one, so far, has been able to explain who they were and what they were up to.

I will never find out but who cares?  By just stepping out of my luxury hotel, and out of my comfort zone, I picked up yet another tidbit for my increasingly-full memory bank.  I love my life!