Simply Sunday: food becomes even more important when travelling

Salmon, London Hilton Gatwick Airport room service

Salmon, London Hilton Gatwick Airport room service

Do not believe those who say they never eat when flying, and who cares about food when travelling anyway?  That is total rubbish – they probably never care about what they are putting into the machines that are their bodies anyway (watch what people gorge on at airports, say the long lines airside at McDonald’s at Hong Kong International Airport, and you know what the gal means).  Luxury hotels that cater to international travellers win hands down.

See this fabulously healthy salmon dish, to the left. It a room service option at London Hilton Gatwick Airport, and it tastes so good you feel even better for having had it.  The salmon comes on a bed of spinach and sliced new potatoes, all bound in crème fraîche – to me it is on a par with the grilled vegetables and halloumi that a sister hotel, London Hilton Heathrow Terminal Four, has on its room service menu.  Both are ideal dishes for pre-flight. The fact that both hotels also have 24/7 gyms also helps, pre-flight, of course.

And then what about when you get to the airport? At Heathrow I love the fish-bowl of Greek yoghurt in British Airways’ Concorde Room, and its beetroot salad in the Gold Lounge buffet.  At Gatwick I have now become somewhat addicted to the perfectly-cooked egg Benedict, as shown above, in Virgin Atlantic‘s Clubhouse. Even more scrumptious, however, is its ginger and lemongrass spitzer drinks – oh wow.  There is my travel tip for this week.