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Simply Sunday – even successful luxury hotels can be enlivened

A lobby lounge vitrine at Jumeirah Hotel Frankfurt

A lobby lounge vitrine at Jumeirah Frankfurt

There are luxury hotels that stress the word ‘luxury’, but the public areas are empty and the gal has the feeling that many of the bedrooms are, too. And there are luxury hotels that insert another two key words, ‘make money’, and you know all the bedrooms are full because the operators in charge have their pockets, and those of the owners, in mind and let us all make as much money as we possibly can.

And there are, fortunately, hotels that make money, work as excellent businesses and still insert even more elements of luxury.  Take  Jumeirah Frankfurt, a highly successful hotel from the day of its opening in July 2012.  It is surrounded by top banks, and other businesses, plus it had the reputation of the Jumeirah brand. Now the onsite boss, Doris Greif, who actually is in charge of the brand for the whole of Europe, has added some highlights that say extra wows.  The lobby bar has bright orange Veuve Clicquot vitrines – see the photo.  I love some of the books, particularly Chic Clicquot, which would go very well with a glass of bubbly, preferably in a Riedel flute, of course.

Someone at Veuve Clicquot must be skilled at marketing to the luxury hotel business and its followers.  I think back to Mandarin Oriental Munich’s summer-long rooftop bar, which had more or less turned the entire spot orange as there was so much Veuve Clicquot promotion up there.  Of course a colour does make a difference. Other than the Veuve, few other colours for Champagne spring to mind, other than a red sash for Mumm and gold for Krug. But then other than pink for Langham, and multi-coloureds for Dorchester Collection, no colours, as such, indicate particular hotel brands. Why not?  In fashion we have Tiffany turquoise and, of course, orange for Hermès, which brings the thought process back to Veuve Clicquot. Yes, another glass please.