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Simply Sunday – to escape notice, stand out

Making a statement in a luxury hotel

Making a statement in a luxury hotel

It may sounds contrary, but if you want to be unrecognized in a luxury hotel, make a show.  Let the gal explain. A few years ago she was acting a part and no-one was supposed to know someone was in fact she.  She escaped detection simply by being extrovert.  Jump forward to 2014 (yes, we are still there, just).

Here I am, wearing my dayglo yellow jacket and carrying my dayglo pink Filofax – all ye followers of retro awake – and a guy who was supposed to be looking for me COULD NOT FIND ME.  I say I say.

Someone who always stands out is Michaela Guzy, whose videos – unlike my words and photos – take you round the world. Here she is talking wine, South African wine.  Wonder if she has ever come across the helpful new app Raisinable, which identifies, when you are in a restaurant, what the mark-up is per listed bottle over the local retail price?  So far, says Raisinable’s creative brain Olivia Chopin, it has about a thousand London restaurants covered but New York is coming up fast.  Great idea, and what is even better is that the app is free.