Luxury Hotels

Simply Sunday – creating a memory requires out-of-ordinary

As if by royal command…

The gal has already showered praise on Nver Mkhitaryan for the grand party he threw at his luxury Emerald Palace Kempinski hotel in Dubai – scroll down, to see the story again.  But praise is also due to this man-of-many-parts for his attention to so many details.

See, on the left, the invitation to the party. The gold-embossed please-come card was in a perfectly-fitting scarlet box, with ribbon. This, when tied, fitted in turn into a bookcover-like sleeve made of heavy cream card. The whole resulting sculpture rested on a marble table, next to fresh fruit (I moved the bottle of Dom Pérignon 2009 out of its ice bucket to sit more comfortably in the resulting still-lie).

There are little memories like this throughout this grand hotel.  Some, like the invitation, are once offs, here today, gone tomorrow.  Others remain.  I love the soothing entrance to the spa.  You walk along a cream corridor, its hemispherical ceiling balancing a couple of dozen strings, set up-and-over, of Hollywood-style lights. At one stage there is a standing golden tree, with candles next to it.  If you arrived tense you are relaxed by the time your Cinq Mondes treatment starts.  Funnily enough I have in front of me right now a list of current wellness trends, as predicted in New York on January 28th, 2019, by 650 ‘experts’ from 50 nations: of course calmness is included, as is association with fashion (though not, surprisingly, art). Personally I think the spa’s entrance at this luxury palace makes one feel well, immediately.