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Simply Sunday – and the inside story on a luxury hotel’s omelette

The finished omelette, from the bespoke How To Make It video

The finished omelette, from the bespoke How To Make It video

The gal has commented before on Japan‘s amazing eggs, the most-yellow yolks in the world thanks to the tender loving care and diet given to the lucky hens.  And not surprisingly luxury hotels serve their eggs as they do their Kobe, Maesawa and Matsuzaka beef, with due reverence.

At Peninsula Tokyo, two Australians maximised the quality of their eggs in a truly unique way.  Kieron Hunt, who heads F&B, and his colleague, Executive Chef Adam Mathis, had the brilliant idea of making a video to show how the perfect omelette is made.

An iPad in the bedroom and a simple instruction (‘turn on video’) showed what to do. Here was the video, all four minutes of it, presented so professionally by Adam Mathis that any of those so-called celebrity chefs, who care far more about their televisual appearance than actually cooking, should be worried about their future.

Adam Mathis explained what his colleague from Room Service was doing. Simply, take eggs, whisk them in a hemispherical stainless bowl, add salt.  Put butter in pan. Pour in egg mixture. Using non-stick chopsticks, break the egg mix so that it resembles scrambled egg. Let the lower surface, touching the pan, settle to a coating but do not let it colour.  Use the chopsticks to fold the whole, and put on to a plate.

At the luxury hotel, the omelette, with hashbrowns and a tomato, is then brought to table on a Villeroy & Boch plate with a P-decoration (P for Peninsula) plate, with Gainsborough cutlery, and Beerenberg tomato ketchup, from Australia. The result is superb, and now, thanks to those two creative Australians, the gal knows the culinary secret of one of the world’s best omelettes.