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Simply Sunday – all at sea

Seeing the image above, of Captain Anatoli Makaev on Regent Seven Seas Mariner, reminds Girlahead of how she misses being at sea. As anyone who cruises knows, those days out on the ocean are just magical. Breakfast out on the rear deck, watching the wake disappearing into the horizon (on Regent Seven Seas, Sunday breakfasts are extra special as they add a selection of caviars and Girlahead’s favourite is having both black and red, atop an omelette). But never mind, as realists say, this too shall pass and cruising will once again be top of the travel agenda.

Some, of course, are lucky enough to have access to a private yacht, or own their own.  This weekend’s Financial Times mentions Monte-Carlo and its super-yachts, and it particularly features yacht designer Espen Olino, one of whose beauties is actually owned by the entrepreneur who also owns The Pulitzer in Amsterdam and more than several properties in UK.  Funnily enough private yachts and desirable hotels do make admirable bed-fellows.  A leading New York-based architect says that, right now, several high-achieving financial guys, who already have their yachts, are also investing in hotel development.

Anyway, no worry if you do not have your own private yacht. Thanks to the determination of Ritz-Carlton’s legendary leader Hervé Humler, The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection is becoming reality. The schedule for its 2022/23 Winter Season is heavy on  the Caribbean and Central America. Evrima, will venture to Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala, with such new ports as Golfito, Costa Rica; Portsmouth, Dominica; Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala; and Bocas Del Toro, Panama. Other destinations include Aruba, Samaná (Dominican Republic), Bequia (St. Vincent and the Grenadines) and Vieques (Puerto Rico). The bulk of the itineraries are seven nights, supplemented with the occasional ten-night and a season-ending 13-night sailing round trip from San Juan.  Good, something to look forward to, making this Sunday Simply Super.