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Simply Sunday – a treat is more than a feast

All the necessities

Have something every day and all day and you could become blasé, but we all know that in luxury travel consistency is essential, and when it is highlighted by occasionally surprises the appreciation soars.  On Seven Seas Navigator, as on all ships in the Regent Seven Seas portfolio, special days are marked by such unexpected highlights.

On Canada Day, July 1st, there was caviar on the breakfast buffet, and I found that with the buffet’s already-cooked just-right scrambled eggs, as above, the result was especially superb. Those who wanted, of course, could have all the trimmings but for purity sake, a tasting of three different eggs was just perfect.

Come July 4th, one of the Great Days of the Make Us Great Again nation, there were hot dogs and spare ribs and an enormous wedding-type cake. Special days mean a lot to specific segments, and luxury purveyors, be they cruise ships, or hotels or resorts, can make the most of it (question, has anyone ever heard of an AirBnb host serving three types of eggs at a so-called caviar breakfast?).