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This, above, is the Louis Vuitton pop-up at Dubai’s Jetex VIP Terminal.

Is it worth flying specially to, or through, Dubai to update your travel bags? Many think so. The boutique is a rip-roaring success (the partnership with this go-ahead LVMH brand opened as a pop-up end November 2022 but the pick-up has been such – double highest estimates – that it looks like staying permanently). It was, incidentally, confirmed yesterday that LVMH boss Bernard Arnault has, at a worth of $173 billion, overtaken Tesla’s Elon Musk to be the world’s richest man.

While you wait in the VIP terminal for VIP immigration, enjoy a flute of Dom Perignon 2012 while you choose which LV-covered wooden trunk, or trunks, best suit your needs. Flying out of Dubai, shop similarly, and it’s duty-free, both ways. The biggest of the trunks is Malle Courrier 110. No worry about transport. Private aviation has no restrictions on how much you can carry onboard. And when you get to wherever, a local Louis Vuitton boutique will add your initials, and deliver back to you within 48 hours, complimentary.

The Jetex boutique has two highly-qualified Louis Vuitton specialists on hand, 24/7. They advise on trunks, and also on a range of fashion and accessories, and they do a jolly good job in selling kids’ colouring pencils, in Louis Vuitton cases and exclusive to Jetex. Other items that metaphorically walk off the shelf are LV-branded city guides and Objets Nomades, such as an LED Bell Lamp by London-based designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, appointed Royal Designers for Industry in 2015..

The Jetex VIP Terminal is like Dubai’s most exclusive private club. Over 1,000 passengers fly through the terminal in any 24 hours.a large white haven with curved lines, as if computer-generated. There are sleep-pods, food and drink stations, and full conciergerie. And pop-ups, from curated modern art displays to must-have retail. Also, from 26th December 2022 there will be a Piaget pop-up, with jewellery pieces starting at US$100,000.