Luxury Hotels


Daniel Arshom, a 48 year old New Yorker, is variously described as artist, architect and designer. He’s also a sculptor, the creative brain behind the Two Heads, shown above.

Two Heads graces the lobby of ROYAL MONCEAU RAFFLES in Paris.  You can’t miss it. You have to circumnavigate, go round it, to get nearly everywhere.

In fact the image is Three Heads thanks to the presence of Nicolas De Gols, MD of the historic hotel.  Now here’s someone else who’s a versatile multi-siloist. He is seriously into the business of food, and he is a designer and stylist. He it is who has colour-themed the main bar lounge, with scarlet rimmed china to match small posies on each table.  And it is Gols the guru who has come up with bespoke gear for his foodservice team so they feel good, and perform better.

Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary of his deaath is being celebrated tomorrow.  As The Bard wrote in As You Like It, ‘All the world’s a stage’. And, as we all know, the performance is even better if the actors feel their best – with fascinating arts around.