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Playing down in the square – a typical village pasttime you might say, This is not a village square, however. It’s the inner part of a five-sided, three-floor building that houses Palazzo Doglia, the newest member of Forte Village in Cagliari.

Apparently ForteVillage CEO Lorenzo Giannuzzi had long wanted a city outpost and this building, then with one open side, seemed perfect. At the extensive conversion a ‘bridge’ was inserted at rooftop level. The bridge is now part of one of the owned residences that complement the 72 bedrooms. ¬†Awnings and Georgian terraces were added to the whole exterior.

At ground level, a bar, a restaurant and a caf√© are hotel-run: all around are other outlets leased out. And as the photo above show, the ‘inner square’ has become a meeting place for locals. This is a great example of integration with a community.

The hotel has display vitrines, below, and an outstanding basement spa with vitality pool. The whole thing has been done with style, and it is all extensively used by locals. What is more, Palazzo Doglio is stimulating regeneration of the area around, so it is all win-win.