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The image above of wildflowers below Castle Rock, Vermejo Park NM, gives the weeniest idea of the natural beauties of the Turner Foundation.  Its inspiration and benefactor, Ted Turner, was, with the Foundation, recognized 9th March by the New Mexico legislature for their philanthropy and contribution to large land conservation. The bill honours Ted Turner as the largest private landowner in New Mexico – he has converted the historic properties he owns on his over-a-million acres in New Mexico, into nature reserves to share with the public. These reserves are home to a variety of large land conservation and endangered species efforts, including the restoration of vital habitats, reintroduction of native flora and fauna and forest management to protect the state from catastrophic wildfires. The bill also honours the Turner Foundation for philanthropic donations of nearly $1.2 million in total to various youth, conservation, and education organizations in New Mexico.

What is more, as the bill observed, the Ted Turner Reserves  hospitality company has contributed more than $2.8 million in tax revenues to the State since its conception in 2019.  The hospitality company, run by Jade McBride, includes the fabulous VERMEJO, a Virtuoso member ‘near’ Raton NM and four hours’ drive to either Denver, to the north, or Albuquerque to the south-east. The Ranch is 700m ASL, marvellous clear, if dry, air. Ted Turner bought about 600,000 acres here, which included a 1902 house that, carefully and respectfully updated, is the nucleus of what has been extended to today’s modern-luxury wilderness resort.

Vermejo’s illustrious past includes being the base of a club formed in 1927 by then-owner Harry Chandler, proprietor of The Los Angeles Times. Members included Will Rogers, Cecil B DeMille, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford, Harvey Firestone and Herbert Hoover. Today it could be called a club for wildlife.  There are said to be over 180 species of birds, and 1,400 bison, plus deer and elk and mountain lion. There’s Orvis fishing in 17 lakes. Don’t forget archery, biking and more.