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Sail away – at Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme

Yachting, anyone?

Last winter the inner courtyard of Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme hosted a pop-up Alpine chalet, with gluwein and lots of warming goodies.  This summer it become a yacht club, as shown.  Creative GM of the hotel, Claudio Ceccherelli, is a born inventor (he is also about to put on sale a unique collection of designer cravats and ties, by 5 rue de la Paix, watch out for that up-and-coming label). This glorious 188-room luxury hotel is in an 1891 building that housed designers Isador and Jeanne Paquin until their salon closed in 1956, after which it became Entenial Bank. Today is has interiors by Ed Tuttle, who has just introduced real gold leaf features to make the look even more sumptuous: the inside is also renowned for its hundreds of flying-angel sculptures, by Paris-based Roselin Granet. Being on rue de la Paix – at number five, not coincidentally – this is not surprisingly a favourite hotel for fashionistas as well as top international business.