Luxury Hotels

ROME – 9

Lunch at The Eden can turn into a prolonged affair. Why not? Up there on the seventh floor rooftop you can sit inside in the bar, looking out through all-wall windows at Rome beneath you. Move along a few metres to the restaurant itself, even venturing out to the terrace and its olive tree that must be centuries old.

This is a leisurely place to eat. No fast food here. This is Rome repast, says hotel GN Mirko Cattini, from Lake Como. Oh so Rome in the spring, stuffed courgette flowers, above. How about a puntarelle salad with anchovies? Puntarelle is a chicory family member with dandelion-shaped leaves. Served a dente the taste is one percent bitter, no more, and the result is remarkably enjoyable.

The prolonged party extended to look-at-a-room and on to spa time. Why a room recce? Well for the first time Girlahead has now seen really stylish big-size pump-pot containers that do not look like something associated with shelves in Poundland. These are Wildsmith, bespoke for The Dorchester Collection.

Girlahead first came across Wildsmith at Heckfield Place in England.  For The Eden, and the entire Dorchester Collection, they are supplying stunning pump-pots that could be described as elongated-eggs, white with gold ‘crack’ lines in them. Designed by The Dorchester Collection’s inhouse team, at The Eden they go so well with Bruno Mainard’s interiors for the 98-room hotel.  Wildsmith, incidentally, makes its containers  from mycelium – a material made from roots of a mushroom that composts fully in around 90 days (the mushrooms’ vegetative root structures are grown around moulds to form custom-sized, secure structures, strengthened with such agricultural waste as corn and barley husks).  Yes, Dorchester Collection, you have THE MOST LUXURIOUS AND STYLISH TOILETRIES IN THE INDUSTRY. See below.

The beautification at The Eden continued. The hotel’s spa, leading off the main lobby, is a pistachio-hued haven designed by Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku. An incredibly impressive Italian lady – well, aren’t they all (think Sophia Loren) – used Valmont products, from the family-owned company run by Didier and Sophie Vann Guilllon. The products were obviously good but their application was more than good, and Girlahead dreamed of icecream, pistachio of course, as she dozed. The perfect finale to an elongated Eden lunch.