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Food – caviar

It’s time for food, baby… first, let us have some trends, from Riley Huddleston* Sustainability. We all know it is on top of everyone’s mind but food and beverage has a lower barrier to entry than other industries. Fermentation, water, single-use plastics, local arming(especially intercity). Gut health and functional medicine will be in the luxury space as it will be too expensive for the masses. Chefs are starting to take care of themselves for the first time and our understanding of how to, is leading us to understand better ways to take care of customers. Collaboration has really been felt in the food and drink industry and people are more willing to share how they cook something, lead a world class team, pay their staff, or even doing chef residency to help others showcase their talents. The industry has never been so supportive of one another. *Riley Huddleston is food guru for R.D. Olson Development, a $1-billion real estate portfolio based since its 1997 start in Newport Beach CA – the company’s next opening is AC Wailea by Marriott on Maui, a 110-room resort opening this month under GM Kaleo Kenui.


In 1873, Martin Lianozov, who headed a Baku-based oil giant and also invested heavily in fisheries of the Caspian Sea, signed with the government of Persia to acquired rights to the entire fishing industry of the southern Caspian Sea. Come forward to 1907, and his descendent Stepan Georgievich Lianozov, 1871 – 1951, founded Moscow-based G.M. Lianozov Sons, a trading enterprise that eventually became one of the largest oil industry firms in Russia. Now we come to 2021, and a Normandie-born gourmet entrepreneur, Karim Moubarik, has bought the commercial rights to the Lianozoff (sic) name – for his caviar.

Lianozoff caviar, say those who have tried it, is outstanding. Beluga comes from Iran’s Caspian coast: other eggs are from Italy and China (Girlahead recalls the brilliant local caviar she had at The Peninsula Shanghai). Currently based in Dubai, Karim Moubarik is working on the superb idea of putting caviar bars into hotels’ lobbies – à la Mandarin Oriental Dubai – and into private jet terminals, as at Jetex in Dubai.   Girlahead was so inspired by talking to Karim Moubarik, by the way, that at dinner that night she put caviar atop her lightly-seared fresh salmon. The result was totally stupendous.  Try it.


And at that moment Virtuoso’s Mr Hotels, a.k.a. Albert Herrera, telephoned, and shared the good news that, in the USA, the Biden effect is already beginning to show more optimism for future travel.  We know many Americans had chilled Champagne ready-to-go.  Perhaps they had the caviar ready too… listen to Albert Herrera, now: