Luxury Hotels


There are bathtubs and bathtubs. Above is a ‘soaking tub’ at the gorgeous THE REGENT HONG KONG, soft-opening next month. Owners Gaw Capital, who still own THE ROOSEVELT in Hollywood CA, asked Chi Wing Lo, born into a local fishing family 54 years ago, to do the hotel’s interiors.Bedrooms are brilliant. One wall is entirely window, with a fixed window seat end to end, a prominent socket on end end wall.  From that window seat, look into Tsim Sha Tsui or across Victoria Harbour to Hong Kong Island. Either view, look into the room and soft natural colours lead to a wall of back-lit bamboo, at the far end.  Brilliantly sensual and, surely, feng shui approved. Another good point is the fixed free-standing basin, sculpted with an integral large surround. And don’t forget ‘le tub’.

Long time ago in some English castle or other a visiting tourist from across a pond got stuck in the historic building’s equally venerable bath and had to be hauled out.  Girlahead, however, had no such problem with Chi Wing Lo’s tub.  In, and out.  Next time, into water, and without black leather trousers and gold shoes.

Does anyone else suffer from the hankie syndrome, namely you only want to blow your nose when there are no Kleenexes to hand?  It’s like that with tubs. It’s only when there’s no bathtub that you just want a long soak. Tubs with hydrajets are no use. You do not trust what water is stored in the system.

And then there are tubs that require PhDs in aqua engineering to operate. The exquisite ADRIA in London South Kensington has a ‘plug’ that is a 20-cm porcelain tower, fixed solid in a vertical position. There’s no charge for the mental brain-power required to make it close, or open.

Bathtubs outside are better if complemented by an indoor sibling (well, birds are not likely to fly over, inside). ROSEWOOD HONG KONG’s internal tubs have solid bath trays holding really decent books. WYNN properties in Las Vegas, Boston and Macau all have large tubs with big bathtrays holding brand-new wood back brushes. Has anyone come across a tub anywhere that has a bath tray that holds a gin and tonic? Until that happens, good marks are given for plenty of bathsalts, and electric towel rails within easy reach of the bather. Let’s try to set world bathing standards.