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Prague Corinthia – UK travellers

Lavender and the Czech Republic are so entwined Girlahead cannot think of one without the other. Most top hotels seem to have lavender bags in bedroom closets, often made by staff members from bushes in their own homes. Little linen bags at Corinthia Hotel Prague, above, are embroidered by an outside company. Shown also is a bottle of the favourite local digestif, Becherovka Original, made weekly, in secret, by the Jan Becher company, based in Karlovy Vary. Over 20 ingredients are used, following the recipe established by Josef Vitus Becher 1769-1840.

Corinthia Hotel Prague has one of Europe’s most memorable beauty experiences. Why? Imagine a 26th floor treatment room with views far over the city – apparently it is especially stunning on a sunny day in snow-covered winter. The room is overseen by a charming Russian beautician, from Siberia (she wears crisp white, like the bed’s just-pressed sheets).  Add Holy Land products, new to Girlahead, and build in an hour of relaxing and much needed sleep. The overall effect? Unbelievable.  This is today’s luxury.

The 539-room hotel, run by a Scottish globalist, Mark Agnew, is a haven for those who have need to be at the Prague Congress Center, across the road, but it is also beloved of tourists as you can get from the hotel so easily downtown, from Vyšehrad metro station, two minutes from the hotel.  And after doing your tourist stint, refresh on return with an apéritif of a deliciously-chilled glass of Moravian Rosé, made from Pinot Noir, Travnicet and Korinek grapes. And, postprandially, nothing beats those already-mentioned digestifs, perhaps with a dessert tasting plate that included whipped egg white mousse with chocolate, Indiánek; a chocolate and peanut delight, Prazská koule; a local profiterole, Vétrník; and some of the biggest-ever macaroons, Laskonky. How about that for a final edible memory of Prague, and its really noteworthy Luxury Bloc event, which more than ever looks like being the ONLY ‘real’ luxury travel event of 2020? Thanks again, Gabriela Markova, for stimulating this lovely visit back to the capital of the Czech Republic.


Good news for those relying on travellers from UK, albeit not immediately. Personal Travel Agents at Co-operative Travel  talked to 1,000 existing customers in the week 4-11 September 2020. Here are some figures:

79% would be more inclined to book with a travel agent in the future (of those who, pre-Covid, would have booked travel themselves online, 58% will switch to booking with a travel agent.  73% plan travel abroad in 2021 (22% will  even if they have to quarantine). 78% want a beach, 34% hanker for a city break. Europe is most popular destination, at 78%, followed by UK staycation (37%), Caribbean (25%), USA (19%), Indian Ocean/Africa (14%) and Dubai/Arabia (9%).


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