Luxury Hotels


Gabriela Markova, above, is more than a bit of a genius. Unlike other essential luxury events, Luxury Bloc is pretty much a one (wo)man band, Gabriela, plus husband and, says Girlahead, their family (who babysit their daughter). Despite this support the pressure on Gabriela Markova is huge.  Everyone, during the three days of Luxury Bloc, wamts a bit of her time.

And the results show.  At last might’s Buddha-Bar casual evening, a group of three travel advisors, one each from Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia was talking. They were all dressed in black, not out of mourning but happiness. I would never meet as many neew hotels and reconnect with those I already know if it were not for shows like this, said one. She immediately turned away to try on one of the two dozen pairs of outrageous spectacles hooked on a vertical board to borrow for effect. There were also hats, by the way, Definitely not wanting to make a spectacle of her good self, Girlahead donned a hemispherical Viking cap, complete with large horns.

And then she left the revels – this column needed finishing. Do make a note of next Luxury Bloc, 2-5 September 2024, back in Prague. Of COURSE, where else?