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Perfect bespoke adventures

Matthew Robertson, former television presenter (Pet Rescue, et al) now heads Momentum Adventure

My new friend Matthew Robertson is so passionate about adventure that he takes a gal’s breath away. It is hard to translate adventure, he says.  It is not male-oriented.  It is for either sex, any age, any fitness. The opportunity is there, the rest is up to you.

Matthew runs momentumadventure, the ultimate one-stop shop for luxury experiences. Want to go heliskiing in British Columbia or trek into the interior of The Yukon?  Matthew can organize it.  But it is not only Canada. Momentum Adventure also suggests luxury trips to Colorado, Montana and Utah in the USA, or, further south, the Baja dunes of Mexico.  On his basic list he has Iceland, the Scottish Highlands, the Arctic, Mongolia and Borneo.  Really, though, he says, it is up to you.

I immediately thought what a great idea for a luxury hen party, or take your mother or your man.  Yes, this is not only for such other high-achievers as the top clients of Coutts, NetJets and Vertu – it is for you, too.  Talk through a destination and an itinerary with Matthew.  This may be as easy as dune-buggy driving the Baja 1000 from Loreto to Los Cabos, and luxury hotel Las Ventanas al Paraiso (Matthew assures me he uses only the best hotels, and bedlinens, bathtubs and wines are of course only the best).

Dune Buggies in Mexico - hey, what about THAT!

But it is more than the physical hardware, he enthuses.  It is a chance to live a dream and let your soul think.  As Sean O’Meara says in Vivo Luxury:  ‘Momentum Adventure’s bespoke itineraries introduce the adventurer to the most intense, satisfying adventures it’s possible to undertake. They achieve this whilst maintaining a balance between drama and meticulous planning; this is what sets these experiences apart from other packages.’

I am torn between starting out with trekking in Scotland or a trip to the South Pole.  If I choose the latter, I know my personalized programme will include a consultation with top physiologist Dr. Greg White, of the British Olympics Medical Centre (it is he who has prescribed a low-oxygen sleeping tent for David Beckham to help him prepare for the coming World Cup: the tent, from Edge 4, lowers the oxygen content from 21% to 15%). But that is a digression. The point is that I believe Matthew Robertson is the perfect and informed adventure concierge when it comes to luxury experience.