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Mark Nolan – above – is savvy. As boss of DROMOLAND CASTLE in Ireland’s Co Clare he knows visitors want to know about the 410-acre estate and its 98-room castle-hotel, part of Preferred – it was built by the O’Briens in 1543. He knows that visitors also want to know more, about Irish food, wine and music, and about themselves.

Stay at Dromoland and visit, say, a local cheesemaker, and/or a fascinating guy who makes and plays Irish bagpipes. Learn about your own genealogy. Apprently there are, according to the latest US  census, more than 31.5 million citizens in the Great US of A who claim Irish ancestry. Fun fact: 23 U.S. presidents, including Joe Biden, are among this long list. Dromoland Castle helps previous and future guests with the love and curiosity for family history. This Valentine’s Day – yes, one month from today -couples interested in tracing Irish roots might be attracted to the Dromoland genealogy package. Fill out your family history details, and then in-house genealogist, Lorna Maloney hosts a  45-minute Zoom call before preparing and presenting the full results.

And now let us look ahead. Next month, too, Envi will announce its first eco-friendly lodges. The Dubai-based company, headed by Noelle Homsy and Chris Nader, plans alternative luxury hotels and resorts, in deserts, farms, mountains, anywhere other than cities – one aim, says Nader, is to pull consumers out of cities. Since Luca Franco, Founding CEO of Luxury Frontiers, is part of the set-up team, Girlahead is sure Envi will work – Luxury Frontiers did the sensationally-successful tented camp at Amangiri in the Utah desert.  Watch this space.

Also watch the Four Seasons space, worldwide. Latest Four Seasons leader up on PODCAST is Asia-Pacific boss Rainer Stampfer. Hear him here: