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Dining with Tom Hanks is great fun. It certainly made the 12-hour flight from London Heathrow to Hong Kong more entertaining.

Girlahead usually works on flights.  This time the laptop slept peacefully in its case. Working British Airways’ inflight entertainment is not 100% easy and the choice of movies is appalling. The only two exceptions to a range of horror, kids’ stuff and sci fi were a Tom Brady production called 80 for Brady, starring Jane Fonda and three other octogenarians going to a superbowl (jolly funny actually) and A Man Called Otto.

Tom Hanks was Otto, a disillusioned lonely old man who was befriended by a Latin American family. It was poignant and thought-provoking and Hanks was brilliant.

So too was the food, put onboard by the Heathrow kitchen of Do & Co, the brainchild of Vienna-based Turk Atilla Dogudan. As the image shows, the chosen starter – choice of three – was a sweet potato and quinoa mélange, which was to be followed by a cheesy ravioli (choice of four). Honestly, not sure if this was dinner or what. The scheduled 1800 BST slipped back to 1930 so it was 2100 before we ate – that was departure time, but it was 0230 arrival time. Brunch, an omelette, was served at 1230 arrival time.

That is one effect of flying. Weightlessness and time-free. Tom Hanks makes it more fun