Luxury Hotels


Increasingly male General Managers admit they wish they had more time for their kids (good for Ryan Nicholls at Fairmont Windsor Park, who takes his five- and three-year olds to school and playschool every Friday morning). And today’s hoteliers who are themselves offspring of hospitality professionals complain, without exception, that they did not see pater familias enough when they were little.

At Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental Abu Dhabi Michael and Denise Koth, above, seem to act as a pair, as if an iceskating couple (actually, with the size of that hotel, a kilometre from the gym at one end of the building to the other gym at the other end of that same building, the ground they have to travel would make skating quite attractive….) ┬áDenise Koth enhances any social meeting.

Yes, Girlahead must admit that there are some wives who do enhance a meeting with their husbands. One or two talk too much, others are jolly nosy about why Girlahead is travelling around by herself, and yes there are some wives who are just downright boring and as those who know her know, the only things to which Girlahead is allergic are old age and boring people.

It’s tough on female hotel bosses. It takes a very special guy to be able to fit into a social gathering hosted by his wife (Girlahead has just realised she is not sure of the family name of Bobby whose wife ran Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong before moving on to People, for the entire company, or, similarly, what is the surname of Brian at Rosewood’s The Carlyle in New York?). One thought leads to another, Rosewood’s CEO, Sonia Cheng, manages her hotels and residences and five children and jewellery stores. ┬áThat takes a VERY special ‘other half’.