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In the ever-faster wheel of change, bikes are becoming a norm of the lodging world.  Resorts have had’em for yonks. Anybody who has ever been to The Maldives remembers the challenges of trying to steer a ‘city bike’, with handlebars rearing upwards as if a bucking steer’s horns, through the sand…

City hotels some years ago did not always know what to do with bicycles. Even Amsterdam, the mecca of the pushbike, once had problems. My husband took his folding bike, for research purposes, when he was writing the Berlitz guide to Amsterdam. He had to store it in bellmen’s baggage rooms.

Today the humble bicycle is ubiquitous to everyday life. It is even a major marketing tool.  See the image above.

The splendid and iconic 699-room GRAND HYATT SINGAPORE re-opens in 2024 after a deep (and extremely expensive) make-over sleep. Ahead of this it is holding Moments of More, a competition, social media-type moments that beam Singapore. The winner-takes-all gets a million Hyatt loyalty points, enough for 200 nights in any Hyatt, anywhere.  Hyatt’s Charis Choi says she eagerly invites friends in Singapore and from around the world to share a Singapore Story and bring travel dreams to life, @grandhyattsing