Luxury Hotels


SUNRISE OVER NEW YORK’S CENTRAL PARK, above, seen from corner suite #3710 of THE PIERRE, A TAJ HOTEL  When it opened in 1930 the 41-floor tower had 700 bedrooms, and 80 residents who deliberately chose lower floors.  Today the hotel, now offering 187 considerably-enlarged rooms, has spectacular views from these upper-floor hotel bedrooms. Stay here to look far down at Central Park’s foliage, changing colour as the day progresses through to sunset peeping through Upper West Side high-rises.

You might coincide with one of the near back-to-back High Society weddings for which The Pierre is famous. You will undoubtedly interact with the knowledgeable locals when eating at the hotel’s indoor-outdoor Perrine. THIS IS A HOTEL-RUN RESTAURANT THAT REALLY WORKS.  Like them, perhaps go for burrata and pear (yes, really – caprese is so yesterday) and Dover sole, showing that yesterday can, sometimes, be today and tomorrow.

As always, Girlahead slept like a log.  In the morning, after taking the image above, it seemed like a good time to take a pre-breakfast stroll.  Manhattan’s Christmas decorations are always awe-inspiring but this year they seem more spectacular than ever. At Grand Army Plaza (Fifth Avenue and E 59th, with The Plaza to your west, and Apple Store and Dior to your east), the fountain has been completely lost in a gigantic white wedding cake of a theatrical pop-up, complete with fake penguins jogging in and out of caves and a lifesize polar bear popping up and down from a glacier. Of course nearby hotels get in on the act. The Gdansk-born doorman at the Fifth Avenue entrance of The Pierre reckons over, who opens his door at noon, says 80% of passers-by, if iPhones are handy, shoot the 1.5-metre diameter illuminated bauble that stands on the sidewalk there.

MEMORIES ARE OFTEN UNEXPECTED EXPERIENCES. This stay at The Pierre provided, obviously, the theatre of the building, the skilled and thoughtful performance of the actors (for which read all the hotel’s team, including the experienced team at Perrine) plus the unexpected.  BURRATA AND PEAR, OVERSIZED FESTIVE SEASON BAUBLES, AND MOVING PENGUINS. Want more?  Girlahead does…