Luxury Hotels


Yes, it’s Saturday once again – well, we all know that weeks get shorter and shorter the whole time. The last ‘official’ breakfast for ILTM media this week was thrown by Marriott Luxury Brands at the company’s MILUX beach hang-out (a somewhat temporary affair as recently as 2021 but now a well-and-truly professional structure, temperature-controlled and transparerent roof and walls for better viewing of the world outside).

Once again Marriott worked with consultant Rainer Zinngrebe, who this year used an Isfahan theme. Pomegranates and roses, and delicious rose jam to go with Pierre Hermé croissants. No-one could have done it better. After years heading food for Ritz-Carlton and then all Marriott Luxury Brands, in 2020 he founded HKB Designs, a 360° hotel-kitchen-bar consultancy.

It’s a tradition that, as ILTM ends, people start thinking Christmas, and New Year. One of the most adventurous New Year’s offerings is at FOUR SEASONS TENTED CAMP in Northern Thailand. Its Nong Yao restaurant is hosting a seven-course curated menu inspired by Thai delights from various regions. As you dine, there will be live music, Thai performances, lantern releases, Northern Sa Bud Chai drum performances, and more.